Magical Mystery Tour Baltimore

IMG_3265We departed from our usual Monday tour and went on a Tuesday in order to visit the Museum on Industry in Baltimore and see the Linotype there. It was, in fact, a relatively normal tour, normal in the way that it was NOT like our usual… unusual spots tours. It was non-the-less a great day pretty much spent in two museums that are very much worth the visit. It was especially good visiting the B&O with Craig in tow, who has become a walking database of train history and who was able to answer our questions and point out unusual aspects of the collection even better than the local docents there.

We visited:

Ukulele Number 1

uke01I was recently asked how many Ukes I have. It’s a recent passion, but I decided my web site might be the place to send folks for the answer. I can build the answer as I go and if perchance there is another instrument added to the collection. I can also add it effortlessly.

This was the one that started it all. I built it from a simple kit and added the scrollsaw wren pattern and initials. The idea was that it would be a precursor to building a guitar, but it got me forever stuck on ukuleles I think.

It’s an inexpensive kit from Grizzly Tools that comes with the body already glued and all other parts shaped. I think I got it on sale for $25. I paid more for the carrying case I bought for it later. A trip to Funky Frets in Boyertown, PA to get geared tuners to replace the friction ones provided and better strings led to me instead buying just the strings and a second ukulele. It’s shown here in my shop for obvious reasons.

2016 Thoreau Society AG

IMG_3141I attended the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering once again in Concord, MA. Enjoyed a number of sessions and many of the special tours. Stayed with Ben & Erica in nearby Belmont and was able to take Ben on the Sunday morning paddle on the Sudbury.

2016 NAGT Eastern Section Meeting

Mastodon photo

Jolene poses with a Mastodon in the Paleo Lab at the Carnegie Museum.

Everyone was treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Carnegie Museum at the 2016 Eastern Section NAGT meeting near Pittsburgh. Thanks to Mike Baer, who planned the meeting and outings with help from Amy Baer. Mike is now Section President (woo-hoo) leaving me as Past President.

Magical Mystery Tour Union Canal Part Deux


Celestine Sample we got from Skip.

On November 17th the intrepid travelers completed an investigation into the canal which once connected Reading to Middletown which they began over a year ago. The stops included an investigation into the geology of Pennsylvania and beyond and treasures hidden away in basement caves. The following links help guide us.

Printing at Conestoga Press

IMG_2053Spent a little time today printing. Usually I’m sorting type and leave the printing to Jeff, especially on the Chandler and Price AKA the Hand Crusher. Deadlines are deadlines though, and we need the cards to take them along to the Letterpress Fair in Lancaster on Sunday.